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What we do

​​We Fix all iPhone's iPad's iPod's & Other Phones and Tablets
Buy * Sell * Repair * Unlock Phones
iPad cracked screen repair
iPhone 5/6/7
  Full Repairs including cracked screen repair 
Galaxy S4/S5/S6/S7 & Note 2/3/4/5

Full color conversions

​​*We also Factory Unlock All Phones*​

Company Background:

" This business all started from an accident " 

Let's begin at the beginning: when the first iPhone just came out, I was super excited and ended up buying one right away. At the time, I work for my uncle inside is jewelry shop and concentrated on the online orders. One evening, while filling up on gas, I left my phone in the car with my overly jealous ex-girlfriend when I get a text message from a client reading "hey hunny I'm so sorry to bother you so late but..." and the message cuts off. Angrily she smashes my phone and pretends it was like that when I got into the car. (Later she admitted that she believed it was another female I was talking to and confessed to the act). 
After searching for a few places to get my phone repaired, I noticed that repair shops were charging way too much to fix just a shattered screen almost as much as i paid for the whole phone itself. I did some research and found the part for a fourth of the price. With about an hour of work, I was able to repair the phone and had so much fun doing it that I decided to do it again for a friend and he referred me to another and it just took off. Fast forward 10 years now I managed to build a successful business from a mere accident. Always sticking to original parts and making sure clients devices are as good as new each and ever time. Now I have people traveling from all over the tri-state area coming in to get their devices fixed the right way.

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What we do

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Specializing in Apple Devices:

Screen repair. battery replacement on any phone or tablet, Water Damage, Unlock all phones

 Volume, Power, Home Button,
Charging Port, Housing Swab, Headphone Jack & Camera Replacement, Speaker and Microphone, Data Transfer & Much More....

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