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All our phones come with a one year
REPARWIZ warranty
. Tired of your device
sell it today for top dollar. .

Phone Unlocking
We Factory Unlock most
phones and carriers.
Including AT&T, T-Mobile,
Verizon, Sprint, and other
international carriers.

Cell Phone Plans
Need a plan? Get your best bet today. Check our list of the best providers and their pre paid deals

For Clients

Samsung Galaxy Repairs
Not only do we get the repair
done in an hour, but we
also use the same technique as
Samsung. This makes the phone
look Factory New when done

iPhone Repair
All our iPhone Repairs are done
on site and in under 30 minutes.

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iPad Repair
All our iPad screen repairs take
about on business day to complete.
The iPad is put together with a
special glue that needs a 12-hour dry time

Professional Repairs on all your devices !!